Chromebook Pixel: love at first sight

I absolutely love it. I do. And this is coming from a guy who passed through Windows back in time, then evolved to OS X and the beautiful Macs of year 2005. Always looking for something simple, easy and fast. And always ending up with a machine that got clogged, tired and slow… after some two weeks of using it.

To be honest, this never happened to my Macs for the whole time I used them and Steve was alive. I can vouch for a MacBook Pro 15 inch from 2007 to be the absolute best MacBook I ever had. All the more recent iterations were absolute crap compared to that. But I digress…

I never thought I would buy a Chromebook. But I got into Google’s ecosystem with a Pixel XL (first generation) and then I bought a Pixel C tablet. And I realised that things have changed and Apple no longer has the exclusivity for beautiful hardware matched by a great ecosystem. Then came the Google Home and, Whoa!, I got warped into Star Trek. I know speak every day with my computer at home. It’s so great.

So I thought, ok, I lost so much time looking for a laptop that I might as well get a Chromebook Pixel. Mind you, this was in August this year. And I managed to buy one from eBay about a month before Google launched the Pixelbook.

And I am not sorry at all!

Let me tell you what’s the big deal with the Chromebook Pixel. It is beautiful. Period. So much so, that I tend to spend more time now in front of the computer than I used to. But it’s also doing everything I need it to do. Let’s be honest, except for the few out there who really need Photoshop or similar suites, the vast majority of us spend time on the internet. Social media, streaming and all they are just there. So is Gmail. And so is Microsoft lately, with all their bloated Office apps. So there is nothing that you actually need to do that Chromebooks are not there for you to do it.



Ah, there is one thing… Gaming. But then, again, since Blizzard changed their graphic engine to choke any decent PC to death, there was no much gaming on Macs either. At least not on the regular ones and I am absolutely sure I won’t pay the price for an iMac Pro to play WoW on it :). Maybe it’s just me.

So, I am now 100% Google reliant – Android, Chrome OS. And some 10% (yeah, I know, but you can never be sure, so 110% covered is better) Office 365 reliant. For work stuff. It’s a bit of a drag the lack of love between, say, Google Drive and One Drive. And the fact the Microsoft doesn’t let you save anywhere else than their cloud. But it’s hardly a Chromebook issue. And there are countless ways around it.

What’s also intriguing with the Chrome OS is that you don’t actually need anything else to run all the goodies. You simply start Netflix, log in, pin the page to the shelf and, Voila!, you have a new application. It can even run in its own window, as a true app, you won’t notice any difference. And if all else fails, you simply go to Google Play Store and get the Android app you need.

To wrap it up, it’s sleek, fast, exceptionally well designed. It does everything you need it to do. It also still costs a lot, even on eBay. But… if you find yourself looking for a laptop to fall in love again, try the Google Chromebook Pixel (LS). I know I absolutely love it.

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