We (actually) need to talk about many other things as well…

To Sorana, who wrote so passionately about this.

Kevin’s story is a sad one, I’ll give you that. I am sure he is a great actor. And that he had issues defining his sexuality. Or maybe he really was a predator, at least that’s how it seems at this point. It’s hard to judge, as we have only heard his initial admission and not much else. So I probably should be sad for him, but somehow I am not. I don’t think there is enough to have an opinion.

But I do think there are other things that we need to and we should talk about and we can’t, because, you know, Kevin…

For example, I would argue that there is a horrifying case of amnesia haunting the artistic society. People just seem to hang around genitals of other people and then forget about it entirely. Then they just suddenly remember, like 30 years later. And it’s a hit. We all talk about what happened. The bigger the names, the most successful the episode, ain’t it? But we somehow seem to miss the point that it’s been happening all this time and nobody seemed to give a damn.

Maybe we should remember other important things as well, now that we talk about Kevin. How about it’s „absolutely normal” today to grab women by their pussies. Oh, don’t look so appalled, world’s beacon of democracy says so. He should know, he’s been elected President in spite of this statement and many others. The majority said it was ok to be a bully around women. Some fretted for a while, but now that is no longer news. It’s another cycle, it’s history. We seem to have learned to live with it, to „normalize” it.

Or maybe we should talk about why do we invent words for insults and curses – darn, heck, freaking words. Today you can simply use newspeak and then get on with the damn hellish fucking thing. I can’t forget a room full of fine intellectuals and actors laughing like crazy at each ‘fuck’ said on the stage. And they were watching „Glengarry Glen Ross”, one of the saddest plays I’ve ever seen. So now we no longer use those words, we use other words. We use new words. To simply say the same things and feel better. It’s so freaking easy and one doesn’t go to heck for it.

As somebody who lived his whole life in Eastern European Romania I’ve had my fair share of newspeak. I still do. And I know its hypocrisy to be far worse and dangerous than most things on earth. Maybe less so than war, but close. Righteousness, newspeak, hypocrisy, bullying, mass hysterical indignation. All these are now prevalent. Kevin is the latest fodder for the public indignation, many others will follow on various reasons or without any reasons whatsoever. The social indignation hysteria must continue. It’s called „public interest”. ‘Panem et circenses’ they used to call it in the old language. Google it if need be.

So, yeah, Kevin’s story is a sad one, I’ll give you that. But, then, the whole narrative is scary as hell. We need to talk about that too.

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